Who We Are?


Hi! I am an Indian traveler, blogger, and photographer. I completed my graduation in 2015. My travel journey started by simply collecting souvenirs like dream catchers, key chains, T-shirts, mugs, and many other memorable tokens. I always wanted to keep a part of a destination with me to cherish it whenever I see those things and I did not know when my childhood hobby has been converted into my passion.

I am one of those people whose search history is always full of various amazing hill stations, cruise trips, trekking, road trips  and beach destinations that I can travel to. People often wonder how can you be both a mountain and the beach person at the same time but the reality is I will never able to choose one. Hill stations allow me to find peace in the laps of beautiful mountains whereas beach destinations excite my soul by trying adventurous activities. It is like you cannot survive by breathing oxygen only, you need to eat food and drink water as well to keep you alive.

Many people question me “Why are you so passionate about traveling?

I simply answer them no other feeling can beat this for me –

The feeling of sea breeze touching your face and throwing your hair into different directions and you are standing there admiring the beautiful sunset on a beach.

Trekking up to mountain cliff with your love and enjoying the city view from there.

Gazing stars from the lonely beaches and thinking about absolutely nothing. Just getting lost in that moment




Hey! I am a 26-year Adventure lover. I am from Indore and the travel bug bit me while I was in the second year of graduation in 2013. It was the time when I  was crazy about bikes and  I purchased my first sports bike Duke with all my savings. I used to take short trips around my town whenever I got time & soon those trips changed into long drives and I got passionate about exploring more and more.

Once I took a bike trip of 700 kilometers alone from Indore to Pune and my obsession with traveling geared up. I always needed a companion who would say Yes to my every random plan and When I met Manali, my wish came true. Though her style of traveling was a bit different than me because she never had a bike trip ever before but I never heard no from her side when it comes to trying new adventurous things.

 Traveling allows me to see a new side of life and it changed my prospects of life completely. Long trips, listening life story of a local guide, getting lost into the ancient time of royal kings and sitting in a cafe where a singer is singing a beautiful song in a language that you don’t know but still enjoys the rhythm are some of the things which I really enjoy while exploring the world.