On our travel page of Instagram, “Collecting Souvenir”, We made a French friend Olivier Jully and he asked us to follow his travel page. Well! I imagined the Eiffel Tower, Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, and French riviera but when I opened the page it was the blog of Rajasthan’s beautiful places. He visits Rajasthan every single year with his family and a big fan of food, culture, hospitality, and, of course, beautiful forts and architecture. This is the beauty of Rajasthan, India.

Jaipur is one of the vibrant cities of India, also known as Pink City with beautiful Amber Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, and many more exciting places to explore and get lost in the royal world of kings and queens.

Naman and I were planning for Jaipur for a long time and as soon as we got a short break from our normal lives we booked tickets to Jaipur. It was a 3-day short trip.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail how to reach Jaipur, where to stay, what to eat, and most importantly what to explore. You can plan your 3-day short trip with the help of this blog.

How to reach: We took a train from Indore to Jaipur. Jaipur has very good connectivity from big cities and it was an overnight journey from Jaipur.

City Commute:  It was a very pleasant climate when we visited Jaipur in March 1st week. Due to great weather, we decided to book a scooter for 3 days as Naman is fond of riding bikes. We rented A scooter from onbikes because the bike was not available at such short notice and it was only 700 INR for 3 days that you can easily book online.

Hotels: You will get some great deals on making my trip and booking.com on hotels. We often prefer a hotel which is closer to all the tourist spots and the Ramada Hotel of Jaipur was a very good selection. It was very well connected from the old city as well. You can get budget hotels easily. You can contact us to get the best deals.

Restaurant & Night Life: We always crave Rajasthani Food whenever we travel to Rajasthan and like to try local as well as authentic places to eat. We went to Thali & more and had lip-smacking Rajasthani food over there, We tried roadside “ Paani-Puri” and even visited a club at night where we tried amazing mocktails & different dishes with amazing live music at Jaipur Adda in Jaipur.

Day 1 : 

  • City Palace 

  • Jantar Mantar

  • Hawa Mahal

City Palace :

  • We directly went to our bike and checked in our Hotel and get ready to visit the City Palace of Jaipur.
  • It lies in the middle of the old town and has amazing architecture. You will discover the whole different world of Royalty.
  • I love to imagine these beautiful places in their original form! History lovers Try this. The lamps, golden gates, ravishing curtains & carpets, swords, traditional jewelry, utensils, attires, and many more.
  • There are amazing gates with beautiful carvings which are engaged by tourists and it is highly picturesque spots.

Jantar Mantar :

  • The next spot was very close to the city palace of Jaipur which was Jantar Mantar. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and it contains 19 astronomical instruments built by the King.
  • I would highly recommend hiring a guide because you will never be able to understand how amazing this place is, without a guide. It would be just starring different buildings and enjoying the garden.
  • Our guide was very prompt. He told us some amazing facts and figures. You will be astonished to know how brilliant those people were who created such innovative ways to calculate time, week, and year.

Hawa Mahal :

  • We then visited Hawa Mahal for which we both were very excited. Hawa Mahal is one of its kind, constructed of red/pink sandstone.
  • It lies in the center of the city and is also known as the “Palace of Breeze”. It is famous for its beautiful windows which allow free circular of air around the structure.
  • We then wander around the local market and visited the most instgrammable spot: In front of HawaMahal! There are many rooftop restaurants from where you can click amazing pictures and enjoy the view of Hawa mahal. It is worth to go on such rooftop restaurants and enjoy the sunset.

Day 2 : 

  • Nahargarh Fort

  • Amber Palace

  • Jal Mahal

Nahargarh fort

  • On the morning of Day 2, we got ready to visit Nahargarh fort and it was a perfect day with a Pleasant climate and riding towards the curvy roads surrounded by trees.
  •  The way towards the fort gave us the ultimate positive vibes. Afterward, we enjoyed the beautiful fort including the new wax statue and sheesh mahal which were extra chargeable.
  • After that, We shared our Guide with a newly married couple. We shared a lot of stories of how we met and how beautiful their state Uttrakhand is.
  •  The beauty of the Nahargarh was its terrace, it has beautiful tombs and the view from the fort was spectacular. You can see Jaipur City from the top.

Amber Palace

  • We have been waiting to explore the Amber Palace from the very first time we decided that our next travel destination is “Jaipur’.
  •  Amber Fort is the core of the Jaipur and this is the most visited fort of India. To reach the entrance at the top there are various options like an Elephant ride, jeep safari, golf cart, or your vehicle.
  •  We took our scooter and parked it. The tourist guide here are so prompt and they know the best angles to take photographs.

Jal mahal

  • It is located in the middle of the maan Sagar lake at Jaipur. The Jalmahal is the Rajputi style of architecture and you would be amazed how our ancient buildings are still standing strong over & underwater.
  • We would suggest enjoying the evening time where you can enjoy the local market with amazing artwork. There are camel and horse riding activities available.

Day 3

  • Jaigarh

  • Panna Meena ka Kund

  • Jagat Shiromani Temple

  • Bapu Bazaar


  • It is situated at the promontory which is called hills of eagles “cheel ka teela”. It contains a majestic cannon “ Jaivaan” which was one of the largest canons on the wheels at the time of its built-in 1726.

  • One can enjoy the amazing top view of Amer fort and Nahargarh palace.


This place is near Amber palace and offers a very picturesque view of the square-shaped step well. Rajasthan is a state which has many beautiful step wells.

  • You will be familiar with this kind of step wells in romantic Bollywood songs or any travel blogger’s Instagram page.
  • There are no entry fees.


Jagat Shiromani is a Hindu temple of Lord Krishna and it is believed that Meera bai used the same statue to worship lord Krishna.

  • The temple has beautiful carvings and the main gate’s carvings and architecture are the main centers of attraction.


  • Bapu Bazaar is one of the best local markets of Jaipur which offers varieties of traditional items like bangles, jutis(shoes), Sarees, shawls, dupattas, and leather items.

Naman and I are travel bloggers who like to travel slow and enjoy places without a hurry to cover another tourist spot. Therefore, It is okay for us to leave some places when we are so much indulged in the present moment.

Other places :

There are other tourist attraction in Jaipur which tourist can enjoy if they have spare time :

  1. Albert Hall Museum
  2. Galta Ji ( Monkey Temple)
  3. Chokhi Dhani
  4. Birla Temple




  1. Mmmmm! Jaipur is my dream 😍 and I just visit it through your topic! Beautiful picture and perfectly written post. Keep it going guys!

  2. Namaste my friends 🙏

    It is always a nice surprise to discover your articles. we learn so many wonderful things there that we wonder when we will be able to come back because we still have more to see and learn. And then, there, I see my name put forward because you were kind enough to share with me. The Internet and social networks are great for this. Making valuable friends 7,000 km away is amazing. Continue to make us dream at this time when we cannot move and I would try to do the same by posting some beautiful memories through my photos. I always want to thank my most faithful friend Devendra who knows how to take us off the beaten track. See you all very soon. We will defeat the covid and soon we will all be together for a friendly chaï.

    Thank you my friends, take care of you 🙏

    1. Namaste 🙏 It is our pleasure that our paths crossed and we got to know such a wonderful person. You are always an inspiration to us! You are one a kind Olivier and Naman & I are really fond of you. We love your simplicity and enthusiasm when it comes to travel & specially towards India.
      Very well said that we are 7000 km apart but still this connection between us is real. You are always there to ask if we are okay when pandemic situations are bad here.
      We are waiting for you to come here after this pandemic so that we can make memories of lifetime.
      Take care!
      We will definitely meet for CHAI one day!

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