It is no hidden fact that coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected the global economy and many sectors like automobiles, real estates, logistic industries, education as well as numerous MSME sectors are in the grip of it but among all Travel & Hospitality industries have been badly stumbled by a coronavirus. Travel bans have led to huge losses to –

  • Aviation sectors

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Cruise industry

  • Travel agency

  • Tour guides

Eventually we, travel bloggers are also facing consequences of coronavirus outbreak.

 The questions that are crossing in every travel blogger’s mind are:-

    • Is travel blogging dead?

    • How travel bloggers will survive in these Travel restrictions?

    • How travel bloggers will maintain their earnings?

    • How does coronavirus will affect the traveling pattern in the future?

    • How travel bloggers will be able to find content without actually traveling?

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  • Here are the answers to your questions in the form of some positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 that every travel blogger should keep in mind to avoid any unwanted problems and make the most of their time in this lockdown.

Positive Impact

1. More & More People are online

In this lockdown period, the Internet has become the new best friend of the majority of people. They tend to spend a lot of time with their new companion.

I am no exception! For me, the Internet is the key to everything. 

Ø  When cravings hit – I google food recipes on the internet and get easy and delicious recipes.

Ø  When Bell rings for skincare – I go for natural remedies to keep my skin healthy and beautiful.

Ø  When boredom struck – I opt to decorate my garden with wonderful tips and tricks available on YouTube.

Bloggers Attention! Use this opportunity as more traffic online means a great chance to divert the traffic into your blogs and this is the golden chance to make the most of it instead of depressing over travel restrictions.

So, Tips for Travel Bloggers are:-

  • Jog your memories of old trips and try to share those loving moments and flourish them into your blog.

  • Polish your ideas and contents of the blogs.

  • Think out of the box as if one door closes it opens another way to fulfill your desires.

  • Find yourself. Give time to your other hobbies rather than traveling and let your other talents shine like cooking, painting, dancing, gardening, photography, and many more.

You never know you might end up starting another blog in the future. 

2. Nature is healing

If you love traveling means there is no denying that your love for nature and environment is nonetheless hence you will be glad to know that when many countries are under lockdown, mother nature is healing rapidly.

  • The Air is cleaner than ever as there is good news coming from many areas that people can enjoy the beauty of nature due to a drop in air pollution. The Great Himalayas are now visible to north Indians from far away places in India. 

  • The Water is pure than ever in Ganga River and it is considered to be fit for drinking in Rishikesh for the first time in the century.

  • In many areas the endangered species returned like in marine drive in Mumbai after a decade people can see dolphins enjoying without any disturbance caused by humans.

  • Animals and Birds are less bothered by noise pollution due to a decrease in tourists as deer, antelopes and monkeys appeared to move freely in many places in India and seem to less bothered by the usual heavy road traffics and laud car horn honking.

So now, on your next trip after this lockdown, you are going to experience a more pleasing and healthy earth.

3.Less Cruelty to animals

How did you feel while getting locked for just a few months of your life? Bored? tortured? Lifeless?

I imagined the lives of those animals & birds trapped in the zoo cages for their whole life and this thought has shattered me from inside and changed my perspective that from now on, I will try to remove the zoo from my travel list.

Travel bloggers can make a positive impact by –

  • Avoid posting non-vegetarian food photography.

  • No promotions of a zoo.

  • Be kind to animals wherever they encounter them by offering food.

  • Not promoting the activities that involve animals to suffer like cockfighting, bullfighting, or dog-fighting.

  • Report animal abuse wherever spotted and protect animals.

4.Value for Nation

The Economy of some powerful countries has seen a dramatic fall due to lock down to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In this pandemic, bloggers can help the government to make a balance by influencing more people to explore their own country.

It is time to adore the beauty of your country rather than jumping too far away from travel destinations and I too have realized India is surprisingly wealthy when it comes to variations in Tourism.

Indian Tourism offers exciting:-

  • Wild & desert safaris

  •  Honeymoon spots

  •  Solo trips destinations

  •  Exotic beach locations

  •  Historical & spiritual places

  •    Picturesque hill station

5. Meaningful travel

I planned a short trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan with my five friends but on the date of reservations everyone backed out as usual but I was determined so, I called my partner and asked him to book two tickets.

The overall tour of Jaipur was awesome. We explored the city with a bike this time but on the third day of our trip coronavirus cases were found in Jaipur so, we wrapped up our trip into short and have to cut off some places also from our travel list.

When I came back all other friends of mine who were supposed to go with us to Jaipur regretted that they should have taken this trip before this pandemic.

Many youngsters can relate to this that when they hang out with their friends and made plans of exotic & refreshing holidays to Goa, Lonavala, Ladakh, or any other place but never make it to any of the destinations. 

How many people are regretting this lockdown that why they kept postponing their travel plans when there was neither coronavirus nor lockdown? 

I can feel their pain because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. It is best to live a life with more adventure and less routine.

Now, people got to understand how important it is to your mental as well as physical health to take breaks from their monotonous life and take a stress-free journey to cheer up their soul

The world was free from bans, Restrictions, masks, and sanitizers. This has made people realize that they have missed some great opportunities to live their life with enjoyment but as soon as things will become normal, more and more people will travel and explore the beauty of nature.

negative impact

1.  Earning of Travel bloggers is reduced

Let’s face the Truth – Travel blog cannot survive much time without actual “Travelling”, with all the COVID restrictions, we are unable to explore the world. So it has been challenging to maintain a blog and income coming from it to all the bloggers.

What can we do?

  • It is a time when you decide to feel depressed about the current situation or use this opportunity to enhance yourself.
  • You have to spread your wings into new directions.
  • You can upgrade your knowledge of fashion or food or whatever else inspires you to write into a new field. You can add this as a supplementary blog and a steady income will generate a few times until you can go back to roads.

Learn something which will add value to your blog in future like photography skills in this time which have become an essential part of travel blogger’s life.

 2.  Budget

Another negative impact on travel bloggers will be the increased budget as many tourism industries are facing huge losses in the lockdown they will try to balance their losses by increasing prices of their services.

 For instance –

  • Airlines will follow the social distancing rule and in the set of 3 seats only 2 passengers will be allowed to sit therefore the prices of the flights are assumed to be increased to cover up the losses.
  • Many Industries that had faced loss like hotels, restaurants, private transport services will likely increase the price as during the lockdown period many industries are in huge debts.

Comparison – Before this pandemic, If my visit to Goa cost me 25 thousand rupees, after lockdown, my budget will be around 35-40 thousand rupees due to increased flight tickets, hotel booking prices, and other adventure sports. The fares for taxi and bike rentals can also go up.

3.    Traveling Patterns  

The future traveling patterns will change as pandemic has changed our normal routines like putting masks first, greet people by “Namaste” and not by shaking hands, sanitize your surroundings, social distancing, and no essential traveling. Travelers will change their patterns of traveling as good health systems will become a priority for everyone.

The negative impacts on the travel blogger are:-

  • Compromise – You cannot choose your travel destination by your choice but by the conditions over there. If you want to visit a beach destination but health systems over there are poor, you will have to cut off that place from your list no matter how beautiful that place is.
  • Rebels – It might happen that the locals will not welcome tourists to their native lands like before as they might have suffered a lot from coronavirus and lost their dear ones and they are not just ready to allow any person to invade due to fear of spreading the infection.
  • Safety – The Crime rate has risen in most of the places and it might lead to any damage to tourists as the robbery, burglary, or any other violent actions.

4. Travel Risk

So, what are you expecting that by lifting travel bans will increase the crowd in the tourist places?

Well does not seems like that as every tourist’s favorite holiday destination “ Europe” has suffered huge losses of human lives and people are terrified of seeing coronavirus death numbers and they will be afraid of this virus for a longer period than we thought.


Who will take the risk?  Will you?

Yes! people will start to travel one day but who will be bold and brave enough to take this risk of being infected by the virus while traveling.

The question is “Will bloggers take this risk themselves or wait till things get normalize ?”

So, another negative impact could be the risk that one travel has to take which might end up into something good or bad. The choice is yours to make.

5. Fall of small travel agency

As the days are passing, more and more people associated with the traveling industry are losing their jobs and small bloggers who do content writing, digital marketing, and social media marketing jobs as a part-time job are suffering from the financial crisis as the companies are shutting down and source of income of the part-time bloggers is been compromised.

So, if the whole travel industry is suffering from this COVID-19 then it will impact the travel bloggers the most. Hang on there.

The key to fight here is “wait”.



The biggest question in everyone’s mind is that when this pandemic is going to end and when one can resume their traveling?

The answer lies in my experience in Bali, Indonesia.

 I visited a beautiful place name Goa Gajah in Bali, Indonesia. It was among the most captivating place I have visited with a perfect blend of culture and nature. Our Guide told us that place was highly damaged by the earthquakes in Indonesia. 

I was amazed to know that because it was impossible to figure it out the worst state of that utmost beauty because what was right in front of me was not allowing my brain to believe that.

I think you get my answer. Nothing stays forever.  

Similarly in one of the motivational speeches of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that kutch in Gujarat was also damaged by the earthquake in the year 2001 but in due course of time, kutch stood up back and recovered like nothing bad ever happened there. Similarly, people can fight back to coronavirus disease and will win one day for sure.

The answer to your question is “change is the only constant thing in this world” and if we are in this situation so it will change eventually after some time. We just have to stay optimistic and have the patience to see that change that we all wanted to see. The world is full of surprises and shock. We got shocked by coronavirus outbreak so let’s just wait for some surprise which can be in the form of vaccine.


  1. Bahut sundar abhivyakti
    Congratulations to both of you 👍🎊❣️👏👌😘
    Keep it up always bless you

  2. Dipesh Agrawal

    It’s just damn perfect , the way you describe everything using images , Bullet points ! Your content is really appreciable 🤩🌟

  3. Great closing lines.
    “Change is the only constant”

    Hoping to get over this coronavirus situation and travel ban soon.

    Great blog!

    Stay informed! Stay safe.

    1. Thanks a lot. I am really glad to hear that you loved the closing lines and yes fingers crossed, everything will be back on track soon.

      Take care.

  4. Sanjay Kumar jain

    Very good work done, perfect .
    I think every point covered .
    My best wishes for bright future.

    1. Thank you for your time to read my post.

      It will take a lot of time to recover the losses faced by travel industries due to COVID but eventually, everything will settle down as we can hear from that many vaccines are on their last stage of development.

  5. Ayushi Agrawal

    It’s really very nice..keep it up dear and let me tell you my best part from whole #Meaningfultravel (and you better know why!) ;-);-)

    1. Thanks a lot, Ayushi for your time to read & appreciate my blogpost.
      Yes, I know very well what you are implying here.
      Hope to get a trip together soon after this pandemic.

  6. I was just nodding to everything that you had going on in this impeccably written article Manali. I especially agree with your point on domestic travel because even if lockdown around the world are been gradually lifted, a couple of countries will not open their international borders anytime soon. Like in my country, Nigeria. Many tourists are visiting local destinations including monuments, public parks, cultural sites and mountainous areas.
    Thanks for mentioning.

    1. That is wonderful to hear that you really liked my blog and shared your perspective as well.
      We can expect a positive change in people as they will be surprised to see the beauty of their own country while they are unable to travel abroad and be more familiar with their culture, people, traditions and ancestors.


    This is a very wise article! As a worker of hotel industry I understand all sandess of situation very well. I was going to back to work this year from a maternity vacation, but Corona changed my plans. I think it is for good I have one more year to spend with my kids. Plus I have started to draw and learning foreign cultures and I even start to learn hindi! So we all can find something to do through this time. Yes, it’s strange year… Will see what future brings us))

    1. It is good to know that you are keeping yourselves busy with new hobbies and spending time with your family. Things will definitely become NORMAL again very soon. Fingers crossed!
      I am so glad that you took the time and read my blog post. Thank you so much for being supportive and wish you good luck in learning Hindi! I am looking forward to having a conversation with you in Hindi soon.

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